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Argentine Diaspora Oral History Project

We want to know your story!

About Us

The Argentine Diaspora Oral History Project’s objectives are to bring awareness of the Argentine-American community of South Florida and to document their immigration experience. It furthers the University of Miami’s mission by demonstrating this is a global university that actively engages in projects that build bridges among the Americas and beyond. 

In addition to documenting oral histories of Argentine Americans living in South Florida, this project aims to shed light on the shared and distinct characteristics of the migration experience to the US and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

We do that by interviewing community members. You can participate by clicking on "Get Involved" so we can connect and schedule an interview with you. Other ways you can help are to identify potential interviewees or let us know if you want to donate physical materials to further our project.


Episodes Coming Soon

Fall 2024


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Grantee and Curator

Dr. Fuentes Korban



Dr. Fuentes Korban

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The Argentine Diaspora Oral History Project, is made possible due to a grant funded by the CREATE Grants Program, a joint Lowe Art Museum and University of Miami Libraries initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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